Sarah Hen
  • Country of Origin: Iran
  • Year of Kidnapping: 1952

At the age of 4 Sarah was kidnapped from Strauss Kindergarten in Jerusalem, (probably run by Hadassah Organization). In the middle of the daily activity, the children were organized in a semicircle and a couple entered the room accompanied by a staff member. He pointed to little Sarah. The couple took her and exited to a vehicle that waited for them outside. They put a big teddy bear on her lap and said: "it's a shame for a lovely girl like you to be raised by her grandma". They drove away.

Her grandmother, who brought her in the morning, came to pick her up at the end of the day but she was not there. "She's gone" they told her with no further explanation. The grandma, along with Sarah's brother and other family members (Sarah's parents had passed) began looking for her and raised an outcry. They reached Prime Minister Ben Gurion, who sent his clerks to the family home. After over a year of persistent and difficult struggles, the family received a phone call : The child is waiting for you at Pardes Hana transit camp. They hurried over and indeed there she was. When this incident occurred, the committee didn't investigate it even though Sarah mentioned names in her testimony. Incomprehensive. The family claims that the involvement of welfare authorities was never looked into.

Sarah whose family migrated from Iran, was placed in the Bukhara Neighborhood in Jerusalem, and was raised for a year by a Yiddish speaking couple. According to her testimony, all the while her family was conducting an almost hopeless battle to locate her. A child was kidnapped from her family and the state did nothing. A current photo of Sarah is not attached. She requested not be exposed at this late date. Nevertheless, due to the importance of the matter, she consented to the publication of her story as part of the opening of the archives. We respect her wish.