Sa’ida and Shlomo Goreysh

My parents came to Israel in 1949 directly to the Rosh HaAyin transit camp. My mother gave birth to my brother between 1950 and 1951. My brother was 9 months old, my parents were asked to put him in to the Hadassah children’s home there since my mother was not feeling well. She visited him often, but my father and relative visited him almost every day since my father was so happy he was born, a son after four daughters. In one of the visits they fed him and said he was feeling well and ate the entire contents of the bottle. The next day they came to visit. A nurse stood there and said the child was dead. My father stopped for a few minutes and then went away. He tells that on the way he spoke in praise of the country that is not disturb in the matter of the burial at all. In 66-7 I received a draft order for Samuel and I replied that the child who was going to join up has died. Disappeared in seconds. I was a witness in the second committee. And I appear in the protocol because my daughter saw it. There is more to say, we shall speak in an interview.