Miriam and Avner Cohen

My sister disappeared. It was probably in 24.09.1957 - 25.09.1957

I am the eldest, born in France in Marseille. My mother immigrated to Israel from Morocco, came through the immigrant camp in Marseille, my mother was pregnant and gave birth to me there. We came to Israel with my father, grandfather and grandmother.

The parents arrived in Haifa, grandparents in Kiryat Shmona and then were transferred to Herzliya.

We were settled in a transit camp between Kiryat Ata and Kiryat Nahum.

My mother gave birth to her second child at the end of the eighth month of pregnancy – around Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New year) she weighed 2.200 kilos, so since she was tiny and premature she remained in the NICU at Rambam Hospital. They wrote my mother a letter after that the child is ok and to come and get her with father. When they arrived, the doctor told my father: “come to the side. The girl had died”. He asked “where the body?” there was no body. They were not given a death certificate or any other document.

My father was in shock and they were less than a year in the country, knew very little Biblical Hebrew – not at all Modern Hebrew and did not understand anything.

They thought that what they are told is the truth and there is no possible way they are being lied to.

They left the hospital, father told my mother who was then twenty, and she cried a lot.

After a few years, they saw a report on television and talked about the Yemenite immigrants and parents understand that maybe in their case it was a scam. The child was healthy, was healthy with black hair, vital ... there was no problem.

I was also a premature baby 2.750 kilos and mother was with me for a week. In the hospital in France, they do not discharge the mother before the baby is one week old.

My mother's name: Miriam (daughter of Esther) Atia (before marriage) Cohen (after marriage), 79, lives in Kiryat Haim.

My father: the late Avner (son of Mas’uda) Cohen

At first mother did not talk much of this story, after a few years she began to share. My sister in law knew for many years. She gave birth to a premature baby 2300 kilis Rambam in 1986 and she became anxious. My mother came and told her that she had a baby girl weighing 2.200 and everything was fine with her (that was me) and then told her the whole story of the kidnapping.

According to the description of my mother, the baby looked just like me (Odeda) and it seemed much like me.

After her four siblings were born.

Odeda Cohen