Ben Zion Verbin

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The principle points of the testimony of Professor Ben Zion Verbin, director of the pediatric ward in Hadassah Tel Aviv during the years 1949-1951 and in later years, in the presence of private investigators on behalf of the committee. According to his testimony, many children were transferred to WIZO or to other social workers when it was not possible to locate the parents due to the fact that they arrived without record or just with a driver. This system of transferring children without record in order to have them become waifs was the accepted system particularly with regard to Yemenites, in continuity with the separations [of children from their parents] in Ein Shemer and other transit camps (Roza Kuzinsky, ambulance drivers, Natan Shifris and thousands of parent testimonies).

Most arrived on account of “malnutrition,” which, for those who don’t know, is code for: “Hell, we had to write down something.”
Professor Verbin maintains that the doctors had no connection to or responsibility for the children from the moment that they recuperated and were handed over (at times even to those who “presented themselves as employees of institutions”!!!), but he testifies of the close connection between Hadassah in Tel Aviv and WIZO in Tel Aviv, even that he used to examine children there. He also says that Yemeni children died more often, but afterwards he adds that the Yemeni babies were also transferred to the Katchko Institute in Ramat Gan (which was related to the Working Mothers’ Organization. More on this “institution” later).
In short, Professor Verbin testifies that children who did have parents were transferred for adoption without the parents’ knowledge and certainly without their agreement.
Varda Fuchs, who was handed over to WIZO in the 1950s, was one of them.
Hadassah was a private network which established a *public* (municipal) network of hospitals, and according to many testimonies was also involved in the kidnappings and attempted kidnappings of children. In any case, in the 1950s—just at the time when Verbin testifies as to the process that is going on at Hadassah—the director of hospitals in the Ministry of Health sends a warning letter to the *governmental* hospitals that describes how the exact same process is happening in their hospitals:
“Children left hospitals without going back to their parents. Apparently there were slick people present who were interested in adopting children.”
It’s called a system.
And it was very efficient.
The investigators strongly recommended inviting Professor Verbin to the Committee.
The Committee invited him.
*His testimony is attached.*

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