Esther and Shlomo Amar

My name is Shimon Amar. I was born in Morocco and immigrated to Israel in 1955 with my late parents.

On March 13, 1956, my mother, peace be with her, gave birth to a son in the maternity ward in Rehovot (which closed down in the 1970s). According to her, she nursed him during the next days. Three days later, on the day she was supposed to be discharged, she was told her that the child had died, they showed her no body and no death certificate. She believed he was alive until the day she died.

After she passed away I wrote to the Kaplan Hospital in order to get some details. At first they ignored me. After some pressure, and after sending my younger brother there, who demanded that the receptionist sign a copy of the letter, she contacted me and tried to convince me to drop the matter. She did not forget to remind me what happened to the person who opened this issue, meaning, Uzi Meshulam and his friends. But I insisted on getting information about my brother.

She asked for my mother’s ID number and then she went to the archive, where the maternity ward archive is located. An hour later she called me back with the information requested - the date of birth of my brother, but she did not mention the story that the baby died or was born dead, as I was later told in a letter. After a while I received a page from the hospitalization record, in which all the lines were deleted except my mother's lines, in the notes. At the end of the line, it was written in handwriting that the baby was stillborn. It did not look like the handwriting of the person who wrote the other details there.

I pray that God will give you the strength to continue to shed light on this dark affair.

I thank you and commend your efforts,

Shimon Amar