Rachel and Yaakov Chriqui

I am writing these words with much emotion, awe of the moment after many years of silence, and full of hope that justice will be made.

I’m praying that my Grandmother Rachel and Grandfather Jacob Chriqui will give me their blessing and may they rest in peace.

This is the testimony of Jacob and Rachel Chriqui and their children (my mother Zohar included) who are searching for their brother, kidnapped after his birth from Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva.

The son of Rachel and Jacob Chriqui was born between 1964-5 in Soroka Hospital, Beer Sheva, two years after the family immigrated from Morocco.

He was the first child to be born in the Holy Land and everyone was expecting him with much excitement.

Tata Rachel said that he was born a healthy chubby baby and told her sister “Reda3to- “I nursed him”

The brothers and sisters testify that they were awaiting the return of their mother with their baby brother but when Grandfather Jacob went to the hospital to pick them up she was already told that the baby died. She was refused the request to see the body or receive a death certificate.

My mother Zohar and her siblings testify based on conversations with my Grandmother: she said that the medical staff (or a nurse) approached her after the birth and after she nursed the baby, she was asked how many children she has at home. She answered “seven” and a short time after that she was told the baby died. My Grandmother was shocked and cried, she couldn't understand how her baby could die so suddenly with no cause. My grandfather promised to bring the child to burial but never achieved to do so.

After they where shamefully banished from hospital, my Grandfather’s world was destroyed, he told my Aunt Rivka that on the way back to Yeruham he nearly threw himself under a truck but refrained to do so when he thought of the children waiting for him at home.

In the pictures:
Grandmother Rachel in Casablanca, happy, holding my uncle Sammy after whom came the baby that was kidnapped, who should be about 52 today.
My grandfather in his early years, with my uncles Berto, Sammy and Moshe.