Salman and Susette Mualem

To whom it may concern

My name is Rachel Cahal (maiden name Mualem).

My father’s name is Salman Mualem, Social Security ID Number 4758431

My mother's name is Susette Mualem, Social Security ID Number 4758432

We immigrated to Israel from Iraq in 1951. We were housed in tents at the Kfar Ono transit camp, today's Kiryat Ono.

To the best of my recollection, in late 1952 or early 1953, my mother went into labour – it was a Saturday, and an ambulance arrived and took her to the maternity ward in Hakiryah hospital Tel Aviv.

The next day my father went to the maternity hospital in tHakiryah to check on my mother.

And according to Dad, who was in tears as he told us, the doctors asked him, “how many children do you have”, to which he replied, “five children”. The doctors then told him - “a boy was born and he died,” and when he asked to see the dead child’s body, they told him there was no body. He then wanted to know where the baby was buried and they told him that there was no grave and that “you should be grateful that we saved your wife.”
We innocently believed that story and when the story of the kidnapped Yemenite children came to light in the media, we began to wonder if the same happened to us.

We want to know what happened to him.