Miryam Bunker

Miryam Bunker, 80 years old, was born in Pakistan. She immigrated to Israel with her husband, Avraham z''l, and their only daughter, in 1948. Avraham worked for the Department of Public Works, and Miryam worked for the Israeli Air Force, Squadron 6 until her retirement. On November 16, 1958, when she already had five children, she became pregnant again and had triplets. After a couple days at the hospital, she was told that two of the three died. She didn't see them die, and wasn't able to bury them. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion gave her the house, 70 square meters, which is behind her (in the picture), in Daled neighborhood in Be'er Sheva. She lived there ever since, paying 450 Shekels for rent. When the kids reached the age of 17, they received the conscription order in the mail, including for her two sons that supposedly died.