Malka and Nissim Oded

Moshe was born in the Ein Shemer transit camp. When he was three months old he had a bit of a cold. The nurse told my mom that he had to go to the Rambam Hospital for medical treatment. Mother agreed, and went to visit him there and evrything was fine until they told her, at the hospital, you can not come, the baby has died. Mom asked to see the body and they brought her a doll, a strange baby, and they said here is your baby. Mother was shocked . She did not recognize him but accepted the decision and was told that at this age there is no burial. When it was eighteen years since Moshe was born, and would have been drafted into the army, they came to our home and said he was a defector. And so we found out that they lied to my parents. Afterwards Ilana Dayan [from the TV show Uvda] did a report about those who were kidnapped and the whole country was in uproar. I brought a reporter from the Maariv newspaper, he interviewed Mother, he took pictures, and then he shelved the article.

Three years after what happened with Moshe, in 1954, Mother gave birth to a girl named on Esther, the name of my grandmother. The baby was born healthy at the Brandeis Hospital in Hadera, a beautiful girl and after two days they told my parents that the baby had died. My parents said they want to see her body and at the hospital they told them "there's nothing to see and at this age we do not bury the body ". My mother believed she really did pass away, but in light of negligence and the horrible crime they did to the children, I believe she is alive.

The third case - My mother gave birth to a son in 1961 and was told that he died at birth. My mother arrived with contractions and Dr. Mizrahi, who was an Obstetrician, gave her an injection. The water went down and afterwards she was told that the baby passed away. That was at Hillel Yaffe hospital. She came home in a taxi without the boy, even though she had already chosen a name for him, which was Mordechai.

I'm also adding that I appeared in front of the the investigative committee at Beit Agron in Jerusalem and dozens of Yemeni families gave testimonies like mine.

My family did not believe that such a thing could happen in Eretz Yisrael, which they were longing for when they were in Aden,Yemen. The land of mil and honey. They did not know that it had a sting, a land that kidnaps its children.
Ever since then, I have been doing everything possible to achieve recognition, justice and healing, and to heal the families' pain, including my own.