Jamil and Nabiha Levi

My Parents made Alia** from Iraq in 1950 and lived in Beit Olim* Pardes Hana, Camp C number 44. We had a sister called Tova Levi who was born in 1957 in Brendes Hospital in Hedera. One day she didn’t feel well. Mom took her to the hospital in Hedera and a couple of days later they came to the camp and told them that she had passed away. They cried a lot and my mom said, how did she pass away? Where? How so suddenly? There was no grave and no funeral. For many years she spoke of that girl that was very pretty and she cried all the time and said - we don’t even have a grave. We were deeply hurt. But we were naive. Only recently, when the Yemenite story resurfaced we said that probably, since there is no grave, they took her, as well. It is possible. My name is Yafa Azulai, I was born in 1956. My parents' names are Jamil and Nabia Levi (Lebi). It’s possible that that’s how it’s written in the interior ministry.

* Temporary residence for immigrants

**Immigrated to Israel