Emilia and Zarachia Megnaji

testimony of the brother, Yosef:

My parents, myself, and six more siblings immigrated from Tripoli, Libya in August 1950. We arrived at Beit Lid and then moved to Sakiya (today - Or Yehuda).

My sister Tikva was born in November 1951. Economic conditions in the country were very bad then, and it wasn't possible to get even basic food. My mother breastfed but her milk wasn't nutritious. It was diluted, and Tikvah became dehydrated. They took her to the Hadassa Hospital to Tel Aviv and immediately gave her an infusion. She recovered and was fine. The next day they said had passed away. We received no death certificate, nor did we see the body. Seventeen years later we received a draft order for her.

“We appeared in front of the commission. My sister told them, ‘We did not come for ourselves. We came for her. We are a big family. Perhaps the parents died and she’s alone.’”